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 1.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is important for everyone to know about what is happening around the world even though the events have nor affected our daily lives.


① Firstly, the Internet furnishes young people with information to improve the world. In the past, without the Internet, young people were hardly exposed to what was happening around the world, let alone participated in the activities to change the world. Thanks to the development of the Internet, young people are given a possibility to understand what the world needs and what they can do for it. For example, an activity called “ALS ice bucket challenge” drew a worldwide attention. Numerous youngsters shared their pictures of doing the ice bucket challenge on social media, which aroused more public awareness of the disease called ALS.

② Secondly, the transformation of teaching methods allows young people to think more about what they can do for the world. Teachers no longer ask their students to only focus on academic performance, but try to encourage them to think more and do more for society. Thus those young people are inspired to think of good ideas and carry out them to change the community. Taking my brother for example, as a beneficiary of school’s education of environmental protection, he started an activity last year to cleanse the environment by picking up cigarette ends on the streets. This practice soon gained supports from his classmates as well as students from higher grades, and then gave them impetus to take part in the environmental protection activity.

③ Admittedly, I am not denying what young people in the past did to change the society. Since it has always been human’s pursuit to build a better world, good people and good deeds were not uncommon in the past. However, decades ago, teenagers were demanded to strive for better grades at school, leaving them no changes at school, leaving them no changes to come up with ideas and practice them to improve the world. Plus, due to the limited ways of communication, it was hard for some activities to be organized.


2.Do you agree or disagree the following statement? The more money a man has, them more money he should give away to charities.


① 富人(the wealthy)有权利自己安排自己的财富(have their own right to arrange their possessions),因为那是他们自己通过努力挣来的,他们没有必要为贫富差距承担后果(are not responsible for the gap between the rich and the poor),另外他们已经缴纳很高的税额给the authorities, who should bear the burdens to handle this tough problem。

② 做慈善可能会pose a threat to富人自己的生活甚至市场的正常运转,因为做慈善对于他们来说并不是一个直接的利益来源(direct profit source),但是会影响到自己的生活质量,对于一些大企业家(entrepreneurs)来说,做慈善还可能会影响到公司的运转及员工的福利体系(the operation of their business and employee benefits),从而影响到大家工作的积极性。

③ 就算是帮助穷人,富人们也不一定非要把钱捐到慈善机构(do not have to donate their money to charity organizations, even if deciding to help people in need),因为有些慈善机构可能不会make full use of the money甚至会do things illegally,所以不如直接把钱给需要帮助的人。


3.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: It is easier for parents to raise children than 50 years ago.


开头段:虽然有些人说,在21世纪,随着社会的快速发展,有更多的科技让家长更加便捷地照顾孩子。(since they think in the 21 century, with the rapid development of the society, more high technologies can make parents taking care of their children become much more convenient. Because of there have many reasons may cause rising a child in 21 century can''t be an easy task, especially in modern China. Here are three conspicuous aspects as follows.)

①最突出的问题是代沟加深,(Firstly, the most obvious problem is the generation gap become wider and deeper between children and their parents)电视和网络的普及,孩子与父母缺乏沟通。For instance, "thanks to" the TV and internet, many children may feel addicted in front of TV or PC, like a couch potato, instead of sit with their parents and chat with them. So that many cause the communication between family members less inevitably. And which will never happened 50 years ago.

②此外,如今的孩子和家长承受着更重的竞争压力。(Besides, the children and parents nowadays have to burden more pressure than before as the result of fierce competition in the new China. )孩子要在竞争中胜出,要求更高,和50年前完全不一样。(If you want to win in the war, you have to be a good student, a good child, an good employee, etc. That makes the requirement on each individual become higher, so as parents who don''t want their children fail, they have to raise them or educate them with highly attention. This kind of attention will be very different from 50 years ago. )

③因为中国的独生子女政策,所以有很多被宠坏的孩子,教育问题很严峻。(Last but not the least, the situation of spoiled children could be widely seen in China. Because of the Chinese family plan, which means each family could only have one child. Although from some aspects this policy can be understood, we can not deny this policy also have its negative impacts, like if a family only have one child, parents or even grandparents'' attention will all focus on the child, that will produce many spoiled children. And how to deal with this kink of children is a hard question for parents.)

所以,现在养孩子比50年前难。(In a word, rising children in 21 century in China is more difficult than 50 years before.)


4.If your friend has opportunities to choose majors as follows:

1. A major that is short for students to complete their study and students can get their jobs (working full-time) sooner

2. A major that requires much more time but students can be given better opportunities and job offers after they graduate.

Which major would you suggest your friend to choose?

Position: I have the preference that it is better to choose the major that requires much more time but offers better opportunities after graduation.

①First, for the college students, it is much wiser to invest in themselves, like pursuing an advanced degree, than simply chase after money. (对于大学生来说,投资到自己身上,比单纯追求钱要更加明智) As we all know, it is the best time for college students to give themselves a further study to promote the scope and depth of knowledge, since they are at the peak of their learning capacity. (由于大学生正处于学习能力的顶峰时期,所欲现在是最好的拓展知识面和加深只是深度的时候。)

②Second, a decent job provides us not only the wealth benefit, but also other rewards, such as status, recognitions, and opportunities, which are the essential factors determining individual success in the future. (一份好工作不仅能给我们带来财富,还能带来地位,认可,机会等优势,而这些因素是决定我们未来成功的关键。)

③Admittedly, getting a job earlier offers us some advantages - quick adaptation to the circumstance in workplace, and sense of safety in money. (这一段是让步段,简要表明早点工作的确能带来一些优势,如对工作环境的适应和收入的感全感,但这些优势很快就可以被超越。)


5.The school has been funding for students to participate in different types of activities, but this year, since the lack of money, the school will fund one activity, which one do you think is the one the school should fund: sports, arts and volunteering.


① 投资体育设施(the investment in sports facilities)能够给校园里的学生和教职工提供使用各种设施的便利(not only provides students and faculties with easy access to various activities),这对于处于压力下的(under huge pressure)的学生和老师来说是一个非常方便的放松机会。此外,这类设施还可以对外开放,服务附近的居民,因此可以作为另一种谋利方式(can be regarded as a way to make extra profit)

② 体育馆的修建可以给学生更好的训练环境,如果学生能够参加相关比赛并取得不错的成绩,都是学校的荣誉,同时学校也有机会去承办一些体育活动(hold sports events),这样对于学校提升自己知名度(increase its popularity),可以吸引到更多投资或好的学生;

③ 相比之下,艺术类活动和设施的投入资金是比较高的,而且收益相对比较缓慢。何况,比起参与体育运动,能够参与艺术欣赏艺术的学生或公众人数要少得多,所以在这样一个学校自己有限的情况下,拨款给艺术活动并不是一个好的选择( The investment of art activities and facilities is relatively high, and the economic return is slow. Moreover, there are far fewer students or citizens of the public who can participate in the appreciation of the arts than in sports, so in a school with its own financial limitations, it is not a reasonable option to fund art activities.)。此外,对于志愿者活动这一方面,实际上,并不需要学校进行资金投入,因为志愿者活动是服务造福于社会他人的活动。不少学生实际上是可以自己组织志愿活动的。而且,社会上的志愿者组织很多,学生可以通过自我组织,或报名参与社会志愿者团队的形式去参与活动 (In addition, in the aspect of volunteer activities, in fact, there is no need for a school to invest funds, as volunteer activities are to serve and benefit others in the society. Many students can actually organize voluntary activities by themselves. In addition, there are many volunteer organizations in the society. Students can participate in activities by self-organizing or signing up for social volunteer teams.)。


6. Which one is the most important factor that affects the lasting time of friendship?

- help each other in a crisis

- have similar interests or views in the topics

- trust each other completely

以下给出第一个参考思路:have similar interests or views on important topics

① 有共同兴趣爱能好有助于友谊的建立,并且产生很多共同经历(common interests help build friendship and create many shared experiences.)。人们往往会因为相似的爱好而产生关联,互相认识接触并了解彼此(It is very likely that people get related and gradually know each other through similar hobbies)。在成为朋友之后,我们的工作和生活的方方面面会因为共同兴趣而有更多的接触机会,从而更进一步的巩固友谊,不断地发展下去(common interests promote more contacts occur in many aspects of our life and work, thus developing and consolidating friendship)。比如,爱好旅行的人可以结伴出游。同样热爱体育竞技,比如篮球、足球等,的人,可以经常一起看比赛,和做运动。同样喜爱阅读的人,甚至喜欢同样的作家的人,会经常在一起去交流沟通,讨论作品。事业与学习上有共同兴趣的人,往往能够互相合作促进,抒发自己的想法。所有的这一切都是对友谊点滴的积累,使之更长久(All of this is an accumulation of little bits of friendship, making it last longer)。

② 对待事情和话题的一致观点能使朋友间相处更加和谐稳定(A consensus of views on issues and topics can make friends more harmonious and stable.)。观念与态度相似的人往往不会产生矛盾冲突(It is known that conflicts rarely appear among people who have same views and attitudes, not to mention they have been friends)。并且,即便偶尔产生矛盾,相同的观念也有助于朋友间互相理解,更好的解决问题(Even there are occasional conflicts, similar views help friends understand each other and solve the problem.)。举例说明

③ 让步:诚然,在危机中帮助彼此,雪中送炭(providing timely help),也能够加固友情,但是重大危机只是小概率事件(but great crises are merely rare events),任何的感情都是从日常生活的点点滴滴积累而成(Any feelings are accumulated from the daily life.)。有些朋友一生都没有共同经历风浪,但依然能做一辈子的朋友,因为他们在一起很有趣。此外,完全信任不是友谊长久的先决条件,因为没有人会从认识之初就完全信任对方(Complete trust is not a prerequisite for lasting friendship, for trust have not come into being from the very moment they know each other.)。事实上信任是友谊在时间的长期积淀后,逐渐形成的。何况,如果朋友间没有观念的相同,很容易对对方产生质疑,怎么可能会有很好的信任呢。